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Who We Are

Professional Barbers

Tony’s Barbering has been proudly serving the Bedford/Sackville community since 1971. Founded by Amedeo “Tony” Ravina and now independently owned and operated by John Skanes. We are conveniently located on the Bedford Hwy with plenty of parking available on both sides of our establishment.

Our shop specializes in cutting men’s hair and beard grooming. All of our Registered Barbers are experienced, licensed, and professionally trained. We have always adhered to standards that exceed our own industry standards in terms of health and sanitation. You can be assured that while receiving a service in our shop that it will be done so in the cleanest and safest environment possible.

We cater primarily to men and children of all ages but we will provide service to anyone that wants a great masculine hairstyle. Common styles include classic tapers, side-parts, all types of fades, flat tops and crew cuts.

We look forward to seeing you all and providing you and your family with top notch service that you will undoubtably be pleased with.

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Pride in Each Service

men between 14 & 59 year's of age